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The link to the left will take you to your upgraded email account.

This is the new link for web access to your account.

Your username and password are pulled from your Project HOME account.


Just follow the format below to login.



note: Your username is the same on that you log into the computer with, generally it's your first inital and full last name, with no space or period.


Now you are connected to your account in Office 365. You can work from here, there are many tools only available thru the online apps.


If you would prefer to work from Outlook follow these steps:

  1. Click Start (flag in lower left) and type Mail, hit Enter
  2. Click Profile and delete the current and only Profile listed
  3. Start Outlook
  4. When the information auto populates; change the email address to the format listed above
  5. Enter your password twice 


When you start setting up Office 365 for your organization, send an email to the people in your organization, telling them that they will soon be using Office 365. Include a link to these introductory videos: